100 Days of Rust!

August 5, 2019

Harry Gill
categories: micro-blog | Tags: rust learning 100-days
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I have been struggling to get focused and learn more about the rust language. I would like to be ready when async .await lands on stable rust a few weeks time. So I have decided to write a micro blog series about my experience with learning rust for a 100 days. It won’t come without its own challenges, biggest being lack of time due to life commitments, and lack of focus and perseverance. It is almost at the end of sailing summer season (I sail twice a week) and it would be nice to have something new and challenging to do while I eagerly wait for next year sailing to start.

I won’t be able to do some rust every day and write a blog post about it, so I have decided to take notes as I go and publish after every few days or weekly. Following are some ideas I thought of covering during this period.

  • Language features
  • Best practices
  • Hard to grasp concepts
  • Useful crates from the eco-system
  • Useful readings by the community
  • ……

Stay tuned!